Creating Your Own Cinema Theater Experience at Home Is Easy as 1,2,3.

In this day and time it’s hard to imagine how life would be without the convenience of television. In fact, watching TV is probably America’s favorite pastime. Now that all newer televisions are flat in design and high definition, more people these days are creating a home theatre experience by mounting their big screen flat panel HDTVs on their walls with TV wall mount brackets. TV wall mount brackets make it easy and safe to hang your large flat panel LCD, LED or plasma HD television on the wall and create a cinematic experience in your own home.

Depending on your seating arrangement you will have to decide which type of TV wall mount bracket you would need to purchase. Specifically, if you watch television primarily from one location in the room every time or you’re working with a limited budget, you should purchase a flat-fixed or tilting tvpic2tilting TV wall mount bracket. Flat-fixed brackets will hold the TV flush to the wall like a picture frame. In contrast, tilting TV brackets will hold the television flat to the wall with the added ability to tilt it slightly downward for a better viewing angle if mounting the TV up high or over a fireplace. Please note that flat-fixed and tilting TV wall mount brackets do not, however, allow for lateral adjustment or pivoting of the TV to the left or right.

If you would like to have a clear view of your TV’s screen from multiple positions around TV on swivel mountthe room, you may want to invest a little more money toward a rotating-swivel TV wall mount bracket because it is much more versatile. Rotating-swivel TV wall mount brackets allow you to pull your TV out from the wall and adjust its viewing angle by rotating it 45 degrees or more to the left or right, giving you the added flexibility you need if you like to watch TV from more than one location in the room. Rotating-swivel mounts that have a tilting feature as well are often referred to as full-motion articulating TV wall mount brackets and these generally cost more than those that do not tilt.

If cost is not a big issue for you and you would like to mount your large flat screen TV on the wall so that it may pull out and swing over to fit in the corner (cater-cornered), you should consider purchasing the third type of mount called a corner-cantilever articulating TV wall mount bracket. swivel mount with tvThis design is the most versatile and the most expensive. They are full-motion rotating mount brackets that are equipped with a much narrower wall mounting plate and a heavy duty, fully adjustable single pivoting cantilever arm. The narrow wall mounting plate enables this type of articulating mount bracket to fit deep in the corner of two walls, making it easier to center your TV perfectly in a cater-cornered fashion. The single pivoting cantilever arm, which supports the weight of the TV, can pull out and retract, articulate up to 180 degrees left and right, and may tilt 12 degrees or more up and down, allowing you to swing your flat panel HDTV easily over into a corner or simply adjust it to virtually any viewing angle you want. Although corner-cantilever articulating TV wall mount brackets are relatively more expensive than other designs, you can still find really affordable ones online.

In fact, at our web store we offer everyday discount prices and the best selection of quality tilting, full-motion rotating and corner-cantilever articulating TV wall mount brackets. No matter what type of mount you need for your situation, we have a TV wall mount bracket solution that will work great and won’t empty your pockets. Let us help you create that wonderful home theater experience with your big screen flat panel HDTV and enjoy a fast, secure checkout when you purchase a quality TV wall mount bracket from us today. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you. Enjoy shopping!

Enjoy Watching TV In Your Kitchen

If you want to watch TV while you’re in the kitchen, it’s safe to display a small flat screen television on the wall as long as you install it with a sturdy TV mounting bracket. kitchen-tv-installation-toronto-77846pic2Articulating corner mounting brackets are the best type of wall mounts to use for installing a small LCD television in the kitchen where space is limited. With an articulating corner mount you can secure your small flat screen TV neatly in a corner instead of flat against the wall. Also because these mounts have the ability to extend from the wall and swivel left and right, you can swing and adjust your flat screen TV to whatever angle you need in order to get a great view whenever you move around in the kitchen.

At our trusted online TV mounts store, we offer a wide selection of articulating corner mounting brackets
to fit all sizes of LCD, LED and Plasma high definition televisions. Our prices are the best, and we also offer free shipping on all orders, big and small. Although you may only need a small corner mount for a kitchen-size TV, we would also have the right size mounting hardware for the larger flat panel displays you may want corner mounted in the family room or bedrooms as well. Come check us out today!

Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

No one wants to risk having their flat panel TV fall off the wall after they have performed the work to mount it up properly. However, if you use a cheaply built mounting bracket to mount your TV on the wall, that’s exactly the risk you take even if you mount it properly. You don’t want to buy a less than high quality TV wall mount for the job and put your pet, your young child or yourself in possible danger like that. UL Certified BadgeFlat panel TV brackets that have undergone extensive safety tests and gotten certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) have proven to be safe and reliable. Therefore, try to find a high quality TV wall mounting bracket that is UL certified to ensure that it will perform safely and reliably.

One UL certified model in particular that’s very popular today in homes and businesses with flat panel televisions on their walls is the LGLI-M-10476 Deluxe Full-Motion Articulating Bracket. UL certified mountThis premium cantilever style wall mount is ideal for mounting 17 to 37-inch flat panel LED-LCD televisions up to 77 pounds to walls with limited space and in corners. The LGLI-M-10476 is a fully articulating and retractable wall mount that gives you an amazing 24 inches of extension from the wall, tilts 15 degrees up or down and swivels a full 180 degrees right or left. Its single swing-out arm design and smooth angle adjustment make it the best solution for achieving an optimal viewing angle for your small to mid-size flat screen TV and for mounting it neatly in a corner.

At TVMounts USA we are proud to offer the LGLI-M-10476 Deluxe Full-Motion TV Bracket for an incredible low price with Free Shipping. Not only that, but we also provide you with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Our staff are very knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions you may have about the LGLI-M-10476 or any of our other premium flat panel TV mounting accessories. Come visit us today for an awesome shopping experience!

How to Accentuate Your HDTV’s Thin Design and Eliminate Wire Clutter

You can accentuate your flat panel TV’s slim design by mounting it on the wall with an ultra slim TV wall mounting bracket. 59161Unlike standard TV wall mounts, ultra slim brackets are constructed to hold the TV closer to the wall’s surface, giving it a more low-profile appearance. You could also eliminate unsightly AV cables if you mount the TV on the wall and conceal the connection cables inside the wall or with a slim wire cover. Once your flat screen TV is mounted on the wall, 3Stagesyou may even decide to attach a classy wall mountable shelf system underneath it to hold all your AV components (cable/satellite set-top box, bluray player, game console, etc.), or use an AV component floor stand.

At our online TV wall mounts superstore we sell the best professional grade ultra slim TV wall mounting brackets on the market for an incredible discounted price. Our ultra slim TV wall brackets are made of solid steel and engineered for lifelong durability, easy installation and superior user-friendly functionality. Let us help you watch your gorgeous LCD, LED or plasma TV in style. If you need any assistance, just let us know and we will provide you with expert answers to your questions. With our fast free shipping guarantee, cheap discount prices and professional top-notch customer service, there’s not a better place to shop for top quality TV wall mounting brackets. Enjoy shopping!

A Better Way to Watch TV in the Bedroom

Do you enjoy watching TV in your bedroom but you’re tired of the TV taking up space on your dresser? You should consider using a sturdy full articulating TV wall bracket to mount that flat screen on your bedroom wall instead of letting it sit on your dressertv in bedroom. (By the way, if you’re still watching an outdated, CRT tube television in your bedroom and you don’t have a flat panel HDTV in there by now, I’m sorry, but you’re way overdue for an upgrade). One of the most obvious advantages of having a flat screen HDTV in your bedroom in place of an outdated, bulky tube television (other than its high-definition picture quality, of course) is the fact that it is flat enough to mount up on your wall, freeing up usable space on top of your dresser. With the TV mounted on your wall with an articulating TV wall bracket, you can enjoy a brilliant high-definition picture in your bedroom from any viewing angle and be able to use your dresser mirror without the TV obstructing your view and/or place your favorite photos, ornaments, trinkets, trophies, your DVD player, cable box or whatever else you’d rather have sitting on top of your dresser without the TV being in the way.

At our online store, we sell professional grade articulating full motion TV mounting brackets that fit all sizes of flat screen televisions. We offer a large variety of TV mounting brackets, so no matter what type of TV bracket would best fit your flat screen bedroom TV, we can provide the best TV wall bracket for you at an incredible bargain discounted price. Visit our store today for the best prices on quality bedroom TV wall mounting brackets and Free Shipping on your order. Enjoy shopping!

Spruce Up Your Restaurant’s Interior With Ceiling-Hung Flat Screen Displays

If you own a bar or restaurant, you may want to entertain your customers with televisions installed where they can watch them comfortably from their seats. Your first inclination might be to hang the TVs flat against your walls or in corners, especially if the displays are flat panel HDTVs. However, if you have lots of  wall decor’ or windows in the way, it may be difficult to find good places on the walls to mount flat panel displays.Ceiling hung tvs

If that’s the case, don’t worry. With top quality TV ceiling hung mounts, you could hang virtually any plasma, LCD or LED television from the ceiling instead. A few of these could embellish your restaurant’s interior appeal while allowing your patrons to be entertained while they’re enjoying a meal or waiting to be served. Premium TV ceiling mounts typically have a telescopic pole that can extend 24 or more inches from the ceiling, making it possible to install in drop ceilings. These mounts also allow you to adjust the height and viewing angle of your ceiling mounted TVs to ensure that all your customers can see the pictures clearly from their seats.MI-501Bpic2

At our online TV mounts store, we offer the best prices and selection for top quality, professional grade TV ceiling hung mounting brackets. Not only are our TV ceiling mounts super durable and incredibly affordable, but they are universal and VESA compliant, which means they are compatible to fit any flat panel HDTV from 32 to 65 inches, no matter what brand it is. We are happy to provide you with huge savings and free shipping on all our TV ceiling mounts, excellent customer service and a safe, secure checkout. To place an order or to obtain more information about out premium mounting products please visit our website today.

Cotytech is #1 for Cater-corner Mounting Large Flat Screens

Cater-corner mounting a 50 inch or larger plasma or LED television can be a challenge without the right type of articulating TV bracket. First in order to properly install a large flat screen TV to fit in the corner, it’s important that the wall itself and the mounting bracket used is built to support the weight of a large flat screen display. Second the wall mount has to have the ability to bolt into a single wall stud closest to the corner.MW-5A1B corner demo3 This places the swiveling arm and attached TV in close enough proximity to the corner that it can be swung over to fit inside the corner at an ideal approximate 45-degree angle between the two adjacent walls.

In contrast, MI-319B-Dregular articulating wall brackets do not work as well in corners because they have wall plates that require bolting into two wall studs, which in most homes are about 16 inches apart from one another. If you attempt to use this type of bracket the likely result is that the swiveling arm and TV will be too far away from the corner to allow it to swing over into that space fully, leaving the TV facing in a less than ideal angle in the corner. Regular articulating brackets will also likely leave the mount’s wall plate visibly exposed from behind the TV, making your whole job look less attractive.

One of the best corner wall brackets for mounting large flat screen televisions in corners are those manufactured by Cotytech.
Cotytech corner TV brackets feature a super strong single-stud wall plate and a durable cantilever swiveling arm that make it easy to mount your large flat panel display in the corner.
The engineering of Cotytech’s corner mounting brackets is both physically and technologically sound. They are visually appealing too (although the intention is to not see the bracket at all behind the TV).MW-5A1B
Perhaps their most popular model is the LGLI-MW-5A1B Full Motion Corner Bracket for 32” – 60” TVs.

You can find the LGLI-MW-5A1B and a vast assortment of Cotytech’s quality TV corner wall brackets at our online store for the best price plus Free Shipping. We offer a safe, secure and fast checkout and expert customer service if you need advice about which bracket is the best choice for you. Also for a limited time, you have the option to request a Free 6-ft high speed HDMI cable to go along with your new Cotytech product purchase. Don’t miss out on this great deal. Order your Cotytech corner TV wall bracket today!

What’s the Best Type of Wall Mount to Use for Above-the-Fireplace Installations?

As high definition TVs are being made thinner and sleeker every year, especially with the new development of LED screen technology, more people are buying them these days to mount over their fireplaces than ever before. This is understandable for several reasons. Most homes nowadays have fireplaces in the living rooms or dens. Since most families use these rooms as the main place in their homes to entertain, it makes sense to mount a big flat screen television over the fireplace. It looks cool, it saves space, and this delicate display is less likely to get damaged from someone or something bumping into it since it’s up high off the floor.tvoverfireplace

If this idea appeals to you, it’s important that you use a high quality TV mounting bracket that’s sturdy enough to support the weight and size of your TV so it doesn’t fall off the wall. It’s also worth it, for the sake of having the best viewing experience, that you spend the money to get a mounting bracket that has a tilting feature on it versus one that is flat-fixed. Flat panel LED TVs will show the sharpest picture when they’re tilting down toward you as you look up at it from a sitting position.  The tilting feature, when used, also allows you to reduce or eliminate annoying glare from your screen.

tilting_wall_mountAt our web store we have just what you need to secure your beautiful flat screen HDTV over your fireplace properly. Why buy a cheap TV bracket just to save a few dollars and risk having your TV fall off the wall unexpectedly, shatter into pieces and possibly injure someone or yourself? At TVMounts USA you can get an excellent price for a high-quality, professional grade tilting TV bracket and have the peace of mind that your TV is safe from falling of the wall. And why buy a flat-fixed bracket for a cheaper price and experience less than the absolute best quality picture from your beautiful HDTV? At TVMounts USA you can purchase a solid tilt TV bracket for just as great a price and have what you need to tilt your TV downward to optimize your viewing pleasure. If you like a great selection, affordable prices, and excellent customer service, come visit our web store today by clicking the link below. You can also call or send us an email if you have a question or would like to contact the store owner. We are looking forward to doing business with you.

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How to Select the Right Flat Screen TV Wall Mount

If you’re looking for a decorative way to fill the space on an empty wall or above your fireplace mantel, mounting your high-definition flat screen TV there is an excellent idea. Having your sleek LED or plasma TV mounted on that wall would look ten times more cool and less cliche’ than having a mirror, some photos, or a painting hanging there. You would also free up floor space in the room because you would not need a bulky stand or console to support the TV.

In order to attach your flat screen TV to the wall, you will need to purchase a durable TV wall mount to support it. The type of mount you choose would depend on how you want the TV to hang on the wall and from what angle in the room you might want to watch.
flat mounted tvYou can buy a flat-fixed or ultra-slim TV mount, which would hold the TV flat against the wall like a picture frame. Tilted TV on wallOn the other hand, you may purchase a regular tilting wall mount if you wish to allow the TV to lean forward from the wall just a little so that when you look at it from a sitting position the picture’s colors will not look distorted in any way.
Lastly, you may want to enjoy the flexibility to watch your TV from any spot in the room and adjust the angle of the TV up, down, left or right or simply swing it back into a corner. If this is your preference, you would purchase an articulating (full-motion swivel) wall mount or a corner wall mount.M-PB-112M on wall

Whatever type of mount you choose, it’s important that you buy one that’s sturdy and appropriate for the size and weight of your TV. If you don’t buy the right mount, you could endanger the safety of your TV, yourself or someone else if the TV falls off the wall and breaks. At our web store,, we sell high quality TV wall mounts that are super durable and engineered to accommodate any mounting situation (i.e., flat-fixed, tilting, articulating, or corner wall mounting). All of our TV mounts come with easy to read do-it-yourself instructions, and they include all the hardware necessary for installation. Also for a limited time only, we’re offering one FREE 6-ft HDMI cable with the purchase of any TV wall mount from our web store. Come visit us today for a fast, easy and secure shopping experience.